How to be Successful in a Tech field

1. Network
It’s so important to network with other people in your field. They are not only a  great help at keeping you fresh in what’s going on in the current market, but they can be a great resource in helping you to find other opportunities. Conferences are great places to network with people in your field, but you can also network locally, with local meetups and organizations.

2. Keep Learning New Things
Don’t fall stagnant in your career. Technology is a constant moving and forever changing environment. You’ll never learn it all, but you should try. Go to conferences, take some training, read blogs, whatever it takes to keep you in the know on the latest trends and new technology.

3. Find a Mentor
Mentors are great at helping to guide you through your career. They’ve already been there, done that, and they can offer a lot of great advice. Like I said before, you can’t learn it all, but having some great mentors can really help enhance your knowledge. They can direct you in the best routes and prevent you from making the same mistakes that have already been made.

4. Don’t be afraid to work a little extra
When you first delve into your career or start a new job, you will find that it takes a little bit of time to get up to speed on a places procedures, methodologies, and sometimes even the technology being used. It is important to invest extra time in getting up to speed. Work those extra hours. Use your personal, after work hours to try to get up to speed. If your job allows a remote working environment, be in the office as much as possible anyways, if you can. The investment you put in at the beginning will profit you immensely in the end.

5. Speak Up
People won’t know your opinion if you don’t speak it. You may think your idea isn’t important or fear it may sound stupid, but it often promotes innovation and collaboration. Even if you are new, share your ideas! Sometimes a fresh perspective is exactly what everyone needs. And speaking up will get you noticed!